Ideasquatting: The right way

Turning simple thoughts into a change

It’s a way to leverage thoughts and turn them into ideas.

Cheat sheet from the book

3 Takeaways from Ideasquatting

Question everything

Stay relentlessly curious to unlock new creative connections and possibilities. The seeds of innovation come from exploring frustrations and assumptions.

Fail fast and fail often

Fail fast and fail often. Rapid experimentation and prototyping, while incorporating feedback, allows your ideas to evolve into their best forms.

Align your solutions

To real problems faced by real people. Ideas that solve your own frustrations have the most traction for making an authentic difference in the world.

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Meet the writers…

Hanisha Arora

Hanisha Arora is an Application Security Engineer at GreyB, with experience spanning software testing and development. She leads the company’s Red Team, helping optimize products to meet innovation.

Started as a tester, she quickly went beyond conventional development practices. Using her development knowledge, Hanisha got her team to align product cycles in an optimized way. She bridges the gap between development and testing by experimenting with the product.

Sahil Kapoor

Sahil Kapoor, a tech professional at GreyB, began his career as a software engineer. Over time, his work evolved from development tasks to a broad spectrum of product-related responsibilities. Sahil is known for his knack for turning innovative concepts into tangible products.

In his writings, Sahil Kapoor explores tech-related narratives with a practical and insightful approach. His work offers fresh perspectives on the ever-changing tech landscape, focusing on real-world applications and experiences